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Librarians at the University of California are non-senate academics. Their review process models other academic titles in that the review process has a peer review component.

These webpages were created to assist librarians throughout the review process. The pages include both university wide documents that govern the procedure and campus documents that have been cultivated over the years by the professional body of librarianship in the University of California, the Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC-SC).

For questions about these procedures or guidance on how to use these documents, contact the Associate University Librarian, Administrative Services at (831) 459-2076.

The Academic Personnel Manual

The Academic Personnel Manual governs employment issues regarding all university academic employees. The UCSC Academic Personnel Office provides support to the Library on all librarian employment issues and is a key player in those librarian reviews that report directly to the University Librarian. The Academic Personnel Manual can be accessed through the UCSC Academic Human Resources page which directly links to the parent document at the University of California, Office of the President. Unrepresented librarians refer to the APM for all issues regarding employment at the university.

The MOU- Memorandum of Understanding- United Federation of Teachers-Librarian Unit (UFL)

Represented librarians use the MOU as a reference for issues regarding employment. The MOU covers important policy and process dealing with the appointment, promotion, advancement, and career status actions for represented librarians.

UCSC Procedure for Appointment, Promotion, Advancement, and Career Status Actions for Academic Appointees (PAPA/LS) for unrepresented, and (PAPAREPNEW) for represented librarians

PAPA/LS and PAPAREP/LS are the local interpretation and procedure documents for appointment, promotion, advancement and career status actions for UCSC Librarians. The link to PAPAREPNEW is the new draft procedures for appointment and review approved by LAUC-SC to be piloted for the 09-10 Review Cycle. The documents have been developed over the years by a joint effort between LAUC and University Library Administration. The documents have been mounted and linked to important sections of the Academic Personnel Manual for unrepresented librarians and to the MOU for represented librarians. These links further explain procedure, and also link to important forms that are used in the librarian review process locally at UC Santa Cruz.

UCSC Librarian Review Calendar

A review calendar has been included that provides important dates that are critical to both the Review Initiator (Supervisor) and Candidate (Reviewee/Librarian) and others who participate in the process. This website provides key dates and is updated yearly.

UCSC Librarian Review Chronology

In and effort to describe and condense the librarian review process, a review process chronology was created and provides links to important policy and procedures in both the Academic Personnel Manual, or MOU, and UCSC's PAPA/LS and PAPAREP/LS, as well as  to pdf formatted forms useful to the chronology. The chronology directly links to the current librarian review calendar when appropriate.