Santa Cruz Surf Scene

1589 Surfers, ca. 19701970:  Surfing in Santa Cruz

Click on a photo take a virtual stroll through these images of surfing in Santa Cruz in the early 1970's.  These all are from the UCSC University Library's Digital Collections - a growing treasury of digitized photographs, maps, artwork, oral history transcripts, sound recordings, and more.

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1586 Surfers, ca. 1970 1583 Surfers, ca. 1970 1587 Surfers, ca. 1970
1590 Surfers, ca. 1970
1584 Surfers and Sailboats, ca. 1970 1585 Surfers, ca. 1970
1579 Surfers and sailboats, ca. 1970 1580 Surfers, ca. 1970 1581 Surfers, ca. 1970

1603 Kampion, Drew Jack O'neill: It's Always Summer on the Inside.

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1606 Gabbard, AndreaGirl in the Curl: A Century of Women in Surfing.


1608 Heimann, JimSurfing : vintage surfing graphics 1605 Warshaw, MattMaverick's: The Story of Big-Wave Surfing. 1604 Hickenbottom, ThomasSurfing in Santa Cruz.