Pradip Mascharak

Treating Skin Cancer with Light? Not a Fallacy Anymore!

We are honored to have Dr. Pradip Mascharak, Professor of Chemistry, as our Fall 2007 Synergy Lecturer.

Dr. Mascharak will discuss the fundamentals and potentials of an intriguing treatment of cancer with light and will highlight the unconventional use of nitric oxide in this process.

During the past two decades, the connection between skin cancer and long exposure to sunlight has been established quite firmly. The recent changes in climate related to global warming and identification of ozone holes further add to this concern. Interestingly, many skin-cancer patients are treated with light of selected frequencies following administration of topical or systemic drugs. This is often referred to as Photodynamic Therapy. Dr. Mascharak’s research group has recently designed and synthesized several molecules that can selectively deliver high doses of nitric oxide to malignant sites under the total control of light exposure and cause cell destruction. They are now testing the feasibility of these unusual nitric-oxide donors for Photodynamic Therapy for skin cancer. In addition, these nitric-oxide donors can be employed to combat other localized cancers such as prostate- and breast cancer.

Please join us for this exciting look into cutting-edge research at UC Santa Cruz.


Dr. Pradip Mascharak
Professor of Chemistry

Topic: "Treating Skin Cancer with Light? Not a Fallacy Anymore!"

Place: Science & Engineering Library,
Current Periodicals Room
Date: Thursday, October 18, 2007
Time: 4:00 p.m.

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