Marc Mangel

Why We Age, What Makes Us Age, and What Can Be Done About It

We are honored to have Dr. Marc Mangel, Professor of Mathematical Biology in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, as our Spring 2007 Synergy Lecturer.

Dr. Mangel will address the issue of why we age (or why we live as long as we do) and will explain some fundamental concepts in demography concerning lifespan. He will also explain why aging is the inevitable outcome of natural selection and that, even so, aging itself can evolve.

The mechanism of aging can be understood as the accumulation of damage to molecules, cells, and tissues that express themselves in mortality and declining physiological capacity. Anti-aging intervention takes three possible routes: avoiding causes of premature death, making various kinds of dietary changes, and applying nanomedicine technologies to repair damage. Dr. Mangel will explain why the effects of these interventions on human lifespan are not clear.

Please join us for this exciting look into cutting-edge research at UC Santa Cruz.


Dr. Marc Mangel
Professor of Mathematical Biology

Why We Age, What Makes Us Age, and What Can Be Done About It

Place: Science & Engineering Library, Current Periodicals Room
Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007
Time: 4:00 p.m.

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